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We host creativity-based events, aiming to enrich the community and help creatives connect!

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The Have a Little Guts: Tiny Art Exchange of 2021 was so magical that we have brought it back in 2022! Creative Guts invited creatives to participate in an international art exchange. Participants will create an original piece of tiny art (5” x 7” or smaller, in any ratio) to mail to an address we supply from another participant. Everyone will send a piece of art and receive a piece of art from another creative in the world. This is a great way to connect, be inspired, and show off your creative guts! 


The deadline to sign up for the 2022 Tiny Art Exchange has passed.

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Information about the 2022 exchange for current participants

1. You will receive a name and address from Creative Guts by Monday, March 28th via email.


2. Create an original piece of art, no larger than 5" x 7". Feel free to sign it and include your social media handles, website, or business card!


3. Mail your artwork to the address provided by Friday, April 8th.


4. You should receive artwork from another participant in the following weeks. If you do not receive a piece of art by Tuesday, April 26th, please contact us at so we can investigate. 


5. If you are on social media, we encourage you to share the art you receive! Please tag us and use the hashtag #CreativeGutsExchange in your post so we can see what you got!


PLEASE NOTE: Your name and mailing address will be shared with the person who is sending you art! The artwork you send may be shared by the recipient or Creative Guts on social media.

Questions? Contact us at


Life Figure Drawing

Creative Guts and Art Up Front Street Studios and Gallery are teaming up to present an unguided life figure drawing session with a nude model. Artists bring all materials and drawing surface. The cost to attend is $20. Reservations are necessary, as there is limited seating. Please, no drop-ins.

Please visit our figure drawing page to see upcoming sessions:

Past Events


From spooky to vintage to special words for Creative Guts, here are our daily prompts to keep you making in whatever medium you like for 31 days!

Use the hashtag #gutstober and tag us in your posts! You’re welcome to do all the prompts, just one, or anywhere in between. To see the daily prompts, follow us on Facebook and Instagram where our handle is @creativegutspodcast.

1. Bird

2. Mail

3. Fog

4. Building

5. Typewriter

6. Weightless

7. Raindrops

8. Supplies

9. New Hampshire

10. Mountain

11. Favorite Color

12. Telephone

13. Roots

14. Window

15. Maker

16. Holes

17. Cozy

18. Vegetable

19. Record Player

20. Limitless

21. Queen

22. Home

23. Guts

24. Otherworldly

25. Bunny

26. Leaves

27. Polaroid

28. Torrential

29. Haunted Woods

30. Brain

31. Bones

Graphic for Meet n Make Event
Graphic for Open Mic
Graphic for Tiny Art Exchange
Graphic for Meet n Make Event
Graphic for Meet n Make Event


Virtual Art Exhibit

Creative Guts teamed up the Workforce Housing Coalition of the Greater Seacoast (WHC) to present a virtual art exhibit celebrating the places we call home. Where We Live aims to better connect us, as individuals, to the beauty, diversity, and importance of the places we call home. Housing is our mission, but what is housing without the people who call it home? Head on over to the WHC's website and click on each piece to learn about the artist. Contact Executive Director Sarah Wrightsman at to add your work to the collection.

Graphic for Where We Live Exhibit
Graphic for Meet n Make Event
Graphic for Stitch n Bitch